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As a business owner or marketing executive, you probably already understand the importance of SEO. But did you know that a majority of marketing partners overlook a key SEO strategy? That strategy is SEO engineering.

First, let us start off by explaining what SEO engineering is.

No matter what industry you’re in — food & beverage, real estate, hospitality, etc.— the basic purpose of your business’ website is to draw customers. Your target audiences are already out there searching for you online, maybe not your brand exactly, but what you’re offering. So when we architect a website at One Eighteen, we approach it differently, How? We dive into the search engine data and mine for key words and phrases to understand the category, competition, and what your consumer is looking for, what questions they’re asking, etc. Once we have all of that useful background data and information, we engineer and design your entire website around it, from site structure to navigation naming.

Engineering your website around what your target audiences are searching for ensures that your brand appears among the top of the list when they hit the search button on Google. It also offers value to your current and potential customers, providing them with a positive customer experience. Because after all, who wouldn’t be excited to find exactly what they’re looking for right away?!

The website architecture is just the beginning. We map a content strategy that continually optimizes and increases search results from top-performing and converting key words – by your target consumer!

When building your website, it shouldn’t be a question of if you’re going to utilize SEO engineering, but how. We’ve been in this business for over 16 years, and we’re proud to admit that our approach to SEO and advertising as a whole is much more thoughtful than the typical full-service agency. You can put your trust in us that we will deliver powerful results that go beyond expectations.