Our most recent relaunch led to major retailer gains

The challenge that French beverage maker Diabolo was faced with was simple – stagnant sales in a declining market segment. The industry titans were sucking all the sales oxygen out of the room, and the ‘soda stigma’ was creating an unbearable headwind for this challenger brand to overcome. So the question became, “Where do we go from here?” The answer was two-fold…

First, we had to re-position the brand into a market space with a little more elbow room. This came with deep competitive analysis and extensive research into consumer consumption behaviors. The next relocation was geographical. Based upon extensive market research we chose to lean hard into the heart of America from the Ohio Valley down into the Sun Belt.

The most critical element was the can. We wanted to appeal to more women, so the can needed to have a more feminine silhouette – to do this we moved from a 16oz. large can to a 12oz slim design. All of this work was culminated with a new campaign that delivered a sexier, racier message aimed at the female grocery shopper. And it worked. In the final 90 days of 2020 our efforts resulted in retailer expansion of 1,500+ stores around the nation.