One Eighteen is proud to announce our brand-new partnership with Sesajal Group from Guadalajara, Mexico.

These agricultural specialists were founded in 1991 with a focus on providing the world with healthy food and ingredient choices. Their approach to sustainable farming and support of local farmers in Mexico has earned them awards and accolades from the farming community worldwide. Sesajal is currently operating in 25 countries with 1,500 collaborators, and now they are looking to break into the uber-competitive CPG landscape in the United States. 

While we can’t yet divulge the name of this new division of Sesajal, One Eighteen is looking forward to introducing this exciting new brand to millions of American consumers. This will be a ground-up effort that will include positioning, branding, packaging, and campaigns. We will establish the new product lineup and its health benefits, and convey Sesajal’s approach to socially responsible farming and distribution. 

We can’t wait to show America what Sesajal is all about!