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Litigation. Legalese. With that subject matter, most firms simply put out their shingle, a few legal clich├ęs, and expect everyone to beat a path to their door. The segment is filled with expected executions; talk of how they will win for you, all the while not knowing what your specific needs are.


Rebrand the firm based on its progressive stance with a new narrative. Empowering you. Finding a way for you. Justice for you. With the power of this firm, you are always on the ready. Each conceptual image illustrates that in what has become a hugely successful campaign that has made this firm stand out from all the rest.

Justice For You

Defend. Deflect. From foul tips to head first attacks. Legal services that ensure your business rules the day. Everyday. 12 Western Offices. Over 100 Attorneys. Always ready to win the day.