It’s not a newsflash to say that 2020 rocked the business world and the way we all interface to get things done. Here is a case study demonstrating how One Eighteen snatched a victory out of the 2020 dumpster fire, and 2021 hasn’t slowed us down at all.

CHALLENGE Everything is turned upside down by an unforeseen global pandemic. However, people still need somewhere to live and interest rates for lending are at an all-time low – so the real estate market marches on. The challenge for home builder Wathen Castanos’ Sea Haven masterplan community was how to approach potential homebuyers in a way that helps them see what the ‘new normal’ will look like. How and where people work will always impact how and where they live.

INSIGHTS We analyzed the Bay area real estate market and recent sales data, then looked to the tech sector for what might be the next big trend. The most relevant observation was that many of the big tech companies were closing their ‘campuses’ and asking their employees to work from home… forever. Whether a company is going ‘full remote’ or reducing in-office work days, it expands a homeowner’s options with respect to home location since commutes become less frequent. Consumer insights were the stimulus for the creative theme, and the clients’ email database was the bullhorn we used to get the word out. Reaching consumers to expose current market opportunity and emotional benefit helped them realize new possibilities in homeownership.

RESULTS In what has been the most challenging year for consumerism, our “More at Home” campaign helped Wathen Castanos increase sales by 87% from 2019 to 2020 in the Sea Haven masterplan. 2020 milestones achieved

• 225,000+ unique visitors to
• 2,500+ potential buyers visited the sales offices
• 3,500+ signed up for the email interest list