How to Drive Social Media Engagement

Why is social media marketing and engagement important? According to Oberlo, “social media engagement helps you strengthen your customer relationships.” By liking, commenting, and sharing, users show interest in your brand and by engaging back with them, you build brand trust. This relationship is vital to increase your organic reach and customer loyalty. By increasing customer loyalty, you will also indirectly increase your sales.

Customers who you engage with on social media will feel security in your brand and want to purchase from you more. Therefore, driving social media engagement is also key to driving your business. As a Los Angeles advertising agency, we understand the marketing strategy needed to create trust and loyalty through your brand. Keep reading for tips we have compiled to help increase your social media engagement.

How To Increase Your Social Media Followers

Engage with your followers: More followers means more engagement. To increase your social media followers, you’ll want to work on building your network. There are several ways to do this, but no one method is guaranteed to work, so it’s important to test and try different methods to increase your social media engagement.

First, participate with your customers. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to actively engage with your social media followers. By actively engaging with your network, you demonstrate that your page is fun and credible. Users will share your page with their network and gradually, your followers will increase.

Engaging with your followers also means responding to negative comments. You won’t want to delete comments unless they are truly harmful. Addressing all comments, even negative ones, shows that you care about those engaging with your brand.

Engaging Content: Another thing you can do to increase your social media followers is to create compelling content. Users want to see content that is relatable to them and that stands out from the rest. Don’t over promote your brand with flashy advertisements, this becomes annoying to users, but if you put emphasis on graphic designs and engaging content, consumers will be organically drawn to your page.

Create content people want to share.

Follow the 80/20 rule when posting, and deliver compelling content that users will enjoy and benefit from. This will lead users to come back for more of your content. You should also commit to a theme, as users are more likely to return if they know what to expect from your page. Read more about creating social media content below.

Post Consistently: People will engage with your brand more if you post on a consistent schedule, which can be set up through media planning and buying. If you post at random, your posts will simply get lost in the mix of the thousands of posts users are viewing each day. Stick to a social media posting schedule to create a routine that users can follow easily.

Charity events are a great cause to support.

Promote Social Causes: People want to do good. If you give people the chance to give back to their community, they will respond positively. Even if your brand isn’t related to a social issue, getting involved with the issue, or creating marketing campaigns around the issue, shows your audience that your brand cares about society. This creates trust with your brand that people want to engage with and will help increase your social media followers.

Connections: The last thing that can help to increase your social media followers are your connections. Tag other brands and sites in your posts. This will link their network to your page, increasing the chances of users landing on your brand’s page.

Connecting with other brands is also another way of demonstrating credibility. If users see that you’re linked to another respected brand, they will likely see your brand as respectable as well.

Your Content Creation

The quality and logistics of your content are vitally important to your social media engagement. If you’re producing low quality, staggered posts, that’s going to impact your brand image. Post high-quality content that reflects your brand image and makes it as intriguing as possible. Here are some tips to get you started on creating the right kind of high-quality content for your social media channels that will increase your social media engagement.

Narrow down your audience to a select group that will engage with you the most.

Define Your Target Audience: Your target audience is the intended demographic or group of people that you want to absorb your content. By focusing in on a specific target audience you can generate quality social media engagement. This way, you have people truly interested in your brand’s content, while steering away from groups with less interest in your content. This will maximize your time and efforts spent on content creation.

To define your target audience ask yourself questions like:

“What age group do I want to target?” or “What interest groups should I focus on?” or “Where am I going to focus my content?” These sorts of questions will help you narrow down an audience specific to your brand.

Identify Social Media Channels: Not all social media channels are going to work for your brand. Different demographics and groups use different channels, so it’s important to understand what channels your target audience use.

For example, Facebook’s demographics are mainly users between 18-49 years old whereas Instagram users are mainly 13-18 years old, as shown in this report from Sproutsocial. If your brand is aiming at children, then you want to engage with Instagram more than Facebook to reach your target audience. Do your research on what social media channels your audience uses most to ensure you’re reaching the right groups.

Create Compelling Content: There are many ways to create content that will entice users and improve your social media engagement. Here are several things you can consider doing:

  • Share positive content: People want to feel happy more so than negative emotions and they appreciate positive information over negative more often. Share positive content to spread an upbeat mood among your users.
  • Repurpose content: It’s not a good idea to post the same thing over and over, however taking an old post from over six months ago and revitalizing it to use again on your social media has its benefits.
  • Make content personal: According to a study by Accenture, “91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember and provide relevant offers and recommendations.”
  • Create a brand image: Create content that shares similar components; a color scheme, fronts or imagery. That will register with your audience as being your brand and make it more memorable.

Nowadays everyone is on social media. That’s why it’s crucial your brand is out there properly engaging with users. As a full-service advertising agency in Los Angeles, we know that increasing your social media engagement can be tricky, but by following these tips and putting your best foot forward, you can increase your social media followers to the highest extent you aim for.