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Michel L.
Diabolo Beverage
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Chris C.
Unique Energy
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Mirek W.
Shakespeare Vodka


The premium vodka shelves at your local supermarket are the ‘Thunderdome’ of spirits competition, and stealing market share in this land of giants can be a tall order. Shakespeare was ready for the challenge and needed a different position and voice, and make it a double… on the double!


Let “party vodkas” have their club spotlight. We moved Shakespeare to the Speak Easy where language and time matters. We created a new tagline and ownable voice that connected brand legacy to the consumer’s desire to appreciate life’s moments. Marrying the language with imagery that romanced a free and bohemian lifestyle – this supported the consumer’s desire to “be all that I am”.


The campaign secured new accounts like BevMo and Albertson’s. And most importantly drove online sales up by 86% and existing accounts by 22%.

154 New Stores

86% Increase in Online Sales

22% Increase in Sales


The soda market is on decline and creating an unbearable headwind for this challenger brand to overcome. The challenge that French beverage maker Diabolo was faced with was simple – “Where do we go from here?” The answer was two-fold…


We found some breathing room away from the overcrowded soda and flavored waters shelves – Maintaining the beverage formula and French heritage, we re-positioned to bring some sexy into a historically blasé category– lemonade. Second, concentrate distribution and sales into a market where Diabolo’s flavor is desired and the consumer will feel good about making a healthier choice than soda. We turned Diabolo into Sparkling French Lemonade and gave it a sexy French “accent” that had the consumer saying, “Ooh La La!”


Say, “Bonjour” to five new grocery accounts (2,650 stores) and an 17% increase in sales!

New Grocery Accounts

Total New Stores

Lift in Sales


It takes guts to enter the octagon of the energy drink world. The champions in this category show no mercy. When we joined forces with Unique Energy Drink to crack into the heavyweight division, we were up both up for the challenge.


Through focus groups and online surveys, we uncovered an audience that was over Redbull and Monster. They wanted a new energy drink that tasted better and did not make them “crash”. Enter Unique Energy. We used the functional benefits and the natural ingredients as the base for the campaign, “Naturally You Rise”. With bold imagery, and an integration between, POS, social, and digital the channels we strategically launched the campaign to drive consumers to core accounts.


In one of the most competitive aisles and cold cases, we maintained Unique’s shelf space accounts with a 97% re-order in all accounts. Sold-in to three new markets and increased shelf facings with two new flavors.

Re-order in Existing Accounts

New Markets

2 New Flavors
Launched in Key Accounts


Even though Barber Foods’ stuffed chicken breasts had been in market since 1955, outside of Maine the consumer wasn’t reaching for the product in the freezer case. With good ACV in the Mid-Atlantic, Barber Foods turned to One Eighteen to get across the finish line and boost sales.


Striking a sponsorship with NASCAR and Kevin Harvick, we launched a consumer contest to get your name pasted on Kevin’s car and VIP pit access at a race. We also incentivized Account Managers with the offer to make sure the product was not only front and center in the freezer case, but all of the in-store POS was properly applied to drive sales.


Over 13,500 entries, 220% increase in Facebook followers, over 62,500 visitors to their website, and most importantly the best month in sales by 235%

25m Impressions Across Integrated Media

235% Increase in Sales

98% Account Re-orders


The grocery coffee aisle was experiencing heavy competition and intense pricing pressure from the “mega brands.” How can you stay on the shelf against bigger budgets and massive brand ubiquity?


We pivoted away from mass production messaging and leveraged the brand truth– Creating a platform based on the family’s heritage and highlighted the care and thoughtfulness that goes into the roasting process for every bean. With this foundation, we created the tagline “Family Crafted Coffee” and launched an integrated campaign to support distribution.


The campaign increased overall aided awareness by 10%, increased sales velocity by 5% per week, and boosted consumer sentiment on “a brand I trust” by 14%, a key to our brand messaging. Our 360-degree campaign efforts the next year saw a 24% sales lift during campaign periods at top grocery accounts such as Safeway, Publix, and Kroger.

V.P.O. Per Week

Sales Lift

10% Increase in Awareness











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