The Process

From discovery to delivery, we follow a very deliberate process for achieving your desired results. We discover your ‘Single One Thing’ by asking pertinent questions, then we take the information gleaned and carefully craft a strategy that will drive customers to your brand and grow your business. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? Let’s get started.

Why Do I Care?

Your target audience asks this question as they are bombarded with content and advertising all day, every day. What does it take to get your brand noticed and for the consumer to take action? We meet this challenge by getting out and walking the aisles, ordering online, calling the customer service desk, and living your consumers’ experience.  Our process allows us to find the answers and incite your consumer to take action.

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How to Sell to the Care-Free

There are multiple ways a brand can persuade the consumer to stop and ask, “Why Do I Care?”. Over the years, we’ve honed the process of knowing the ‘how and when’ for each brand. For One Coast, ocean-view residences in Pacific Palisades, creating desire and demand from the ultra-rich takes a boldness that is unexpected for the real estate industry. A move like this only works when you lean all the way into it and ‘own the moment’. We started alluring potential homeowners by first capturing the lifestyle with provocative imagery overlaid with arresting headlines that left them no choice but to care. Here’s a look at the journey we took as partners and the resulting transformation of a brand…

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What If?

Our process yields results. Because it’s only after challenging ourselves by asking “What’s missing? … What haven’t we thought of? and… What If?” that we discover meaningful innovation for your brand. The ideas take all shapes: a new media channel, consumer insights, technology solutions, cost-cutting methods, and in creative concepting. Across the board– this is how we bring value to the partnership in your daily pursuit.

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How to Knock Their Socks Off

Our creative process is exhaustive and usually leads to new and interesting ways to approach your target audience. Nothing is static in the world of consumerism – market demands change, consumer demographics change, fulfillment options change – and you have to be ready and willing to change with the times. This also has to be true of what we are willing to do for you, as your agency. One little idea can turn into something really big in a heartbeat. Here’s a peek at our partnership with Subaru, and how a simple request for a car wrap turned into a viral Instagram contest that took the Southland by storm…

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Scope of Expectation​

In the beginning of any partnership both sides have expectations. To achieve success, we work to collectively define and memorialize what’s expected – for both Client and Agency. We build long-term partnerships by continually asking for feedback on performance. This way, we know that we are rising up to the challenge– providing value and delivering results.

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How to Become Part of the Family

Trust is the most valuable commodity in a partnership, and earning it is no easy task. Very few brands have the time or patience to ‘test drive’ a partner for very long because tomorrow is race day and the competition has already left the starting line. Establishing a baseline of expectations and milestones of success are critical measures on the path to growing a brand. Our dedication to this process has allowed One Eighteen to enjoy many partnerships that have lasted longer than a decade. One great example is our 13 year partnership with Don Francisco’s coffee. To achieve this, we delivered what we promised day after day, year after year, which earned us the trust to re-launch their coffee brand with the largest campaign and media spend in the company’s history…

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Single One Thing

Converting consumer demand into brand loyalty requires a strategy that goes beyond selling functional benefits. This happens when the consumer makes purchasing decisions based upon what a product says about them as individuals. We challenge ourselves to uncover your brand’s unique story and develop meaningful messaging that resonates with the consumer on an emotional level. This message is known as the “Single One Thing”.

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How to Find the Pulse of a Brand

Finding a brand’s Single One Thing takes research – lots and lots of research. You have to study every angle five times over – the brand, the competition, the consumer, the marketplace, and the desired result. It takes an enormous amount of self-reflection and honesty from a brand to discover its S.O.T., but that’s why we’re here. One Eighteen will do the analysis that will uncover your brand’s ultimate message, and then we’ll build a winning campaign around it that will reach every consumer touchpoint. Here’s a great story about the journey of self-discovery we took with Shakespeare Vodka, and the resulting creative that followed…

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