We punch above our weight class. How?


One Eighteen offers a more thoughtful approach than a typical, full-service agency. We combine our in-house services with a network of expert resources to give you the most effective strategy and talent to reach goals and grow your business. Oh, and of course we offer what you would expect from an agency, but we’ve proven is that our results go beyond expectations.


SEO Engineering

What’s this you ask? Glad ya did… The purpose of a marketing website is to get found by customers. So, how do most people find things online? Google Search. That's why we begin every web design project by looking at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) data. How are people searching for your product or service? What terms do they use? What needs do their search terms express? Then, we engineer your website to be found via this search data, from site structure to navigation naming. The surprising thing is how clearly SEO data guides your website's design. That's SEO engineering. It's an absurdly obvious strategy that's ignored by the majority of marketing partners.




Client Advisory Coach

Let’s be honest, the Client + Agency relationship isn't easy. That's why we employ a business development coach to help us see all sides of each client's story. Successful client relationships take work and a willingness to both compromise and lead simultaneously - on both sides. We’re proud to say that we have multiple clients that have been with One Eighteen for more than ten years.



CPG Sales Force

Your average CPG advertising agency does a good job of sell-through. That’s only half the battle. Getting brands and products sold-in to retail accounts takes a different discipline. Our partnership with 5G Consulting is a unique collaboration that allows us to support brands from seed to shelf to table. Understanding supply-chain distribution, sales channels, ACV, TPRs, Shopper Marketing, is just the beginning – bring it all!

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And yes, we do offer these services too.



Brand foundation, positioning, consumer and market research, and messaging strategy



Brand identity, packaging, collateral, retail POS, way-finding, and environmental



Campaign concepts, copywriting, traditional, broadcast and digital production



Website and mobile development, e-commerce, database setup and management



Strategy, planning, negotiating, buying, reporting, and trafficking for social, digital, broadcast, and traditional channels


social media

Strategy, content, development, community and influencer management